Little Voices Speech Pathology

Is your little one having trouble talking?

If so then relax, we can help…

Your child has trouble getting their message across.
Maybe they can’t pronounce words correctly, or maybe they have a stutter.

Maybe it’s difficulty with reading and writing.

Not being able to be understood or communicate effectively is frustrating for anyone, let alone a child.

You have so many questions as a parent as to the best way to help your child. You don’t want to see them frustrated, it breaks your heart. You just want to see your child happy and successful.

What do you do though?

Everyone has an opinion – some tell you “Just wait he’ll grow out of it”. Some tell you your child is just lazy. Who do you believe? It’s all so confusing! Where do you find the answers?

We understand that; you’re not alone. Little Voices Speech Pathology can help you find those answers.

Little Voices Speech Pathology is a Melbourne based speech pathology practice located in Watsonia North, in the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We specialise in providing services for preschool and school-aged children, their families and schools in various areas of children’s speech, language and literacy.

Oral language is a child’s foundation for learning. It affects how they see the world, their progress and learning, their social interactions and their self-esteem.

So, help them to shine!

Please explore our website, and we are happy to chat with you about our services or any questions you may have regarding your child’s speech, language and literacy.

Little Voices Speech Pathology was featured in an article in The Age in April. Read it here.


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